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Restore Lives & Communities

An existing program & facility that Residence for Patriots Services Foundation (R4P) is involved is currently helping to change lives. It is our vision to open additional Patriot Villages that will also offer a supportive housing community to give-back to patriots and other homeless social groups throughout the nation. R4P defines a patriot as any active military, retired military, or their surviving spouse of all branches who have shown that they strongly support the United States of America by fighting or has fought for our country. 

We asked our men & women patriots to fight for our freedom and promised them lifetime benefits.  They are back with heads full of terror, unable to adjust to civilian life with no jobs or future on the very soil of the country that they have fought to help keep America free.  Families lost them, not only for the time they were deployed defending us, but also are still lost due to the effects of PTS (post-traumatic stress) that has not been property dealt with.   They have no homes or hope; are losing or have lost their homes and families.  They have nowhere to turn and are currently a part of a shocking statistic that spells out that those one out of four homeless individuals occupying our streets have served our country! Where is their country?

R4P has formulated a plan to help restore these patriots lives and communities by providing a communal living environment where they are housed, fed, rehabilitated, inspired, and guided back into the work force by retraining them with new trade skills that create job opportunities within neighborhoods that will help them find their way back into society.

We can’t do this alone and know this will not happen overnight.  However, with the same beliefs & desire that our country was built on to persevere; and with the help of our strategic partners, together we can bring back the meaning of community to the deteriorating streets of our beloved United States in unity... one community at a time! 

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