In 2009, Residence for Patriots Services Foundation (R4P), a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non profit corporation began it’s journey into it’s humanitarian endeavors to change lives throughout the nation. 

After the financial & housing crisis of 2008, former ventures in the real estate and financial industry lead the founding members of R4P to an atrocious reality when participating in the acquisition and rehabilitation of distressed assets in abandoned neighborhoods throughout the country.  They witnessed the hopelessness & homelessness that many of our own patriots who have sacrificed their lives call just 'another day'.  These heroric people have exchanged their freedom for ours; now living devastated lives that demand viable solutions that are detrimental in saving them.   With this,  R4P committed to help them not only regain their independence but live beyond restoration through awareness and resources.   

R4P& Affordable Recovery Housing (ARH), combined it’s efforts in 2009 while enhancing their like missions to include all homeless social groups.  Together, R4P & ARH believe in a 'hand-up' rather than a 'hand out' by the development of programs that create an awareness and inspire family reunification and revivification.  

ARH offers a faith-based 12 step counseling program and training to enhance the quality of life with basic job training skills needed to turn lives around to become productive members of society.  Job training in construction, culinary, automotive, administration, organic farming, and several other curriculums expose a path to those that want to walk down the path to a revived life.  

Today, R4P oversees an existing facility in Blue Island, Illinois that is currently feeding, housing, counseling, training, and providing jobs to previously broken individuals.   R4P's experience in cluster development through revitalizing abandoned homes and neighborhoods has evolved into job creation in rehabbing homes.  Associated staffing agencies have also joined the movement and are happily providing several job opportunities and very satisfied with the focused and hard working work ethic that comes out of this effective program.  Lives are being turned around, hope is being restored, and a  lasting change is being brought to the community.

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