As one of the founders of Residence for Patriots Services Foundation and a veteran of the US Military, Mr. Giese delivers 30 years of experience with a strong compassion to bring justice and show appreciation to his brotherhood who feel they have been forgotten.    Carl is a recognized “insider” with a knowledgable perspective on nationwide REO acquisition with relationships with senior contacts within federal agencies and private institutions. Specializing in working with Community Stabilization groups, land banks and cities, Government Sponsored Enterprise, banks, and asset groups; his efforts are focused on sourcing, maintaining and networking relationships nationwide.

Carl spent several years at Coseo Properties, Inc. as Vice President of Acquisitions where he acquired thousands of homes implementing a fresh new outlook, combined with an invaluable list of contacts and depth of understanding of all aspects of portfolio acquisition and disposition of REO assets.  He successfully made a difference in 26 states by purchasing and rehabilitated homes throughout the US in diverse communities and neighborhoods.  Carl developed a strong bond with Fannie Mae,  resulting in becoming one of the first for-profit companies to participate in Fannie Mae’s First Look Program.

In the height of the financial crisis, Carl was introduced into the Daley administration by birthing the concept of  'Cluster Development' to be launched in Cooke County where 22 banks attended an invitation to meet at the request of Fannie Mae.  All who attended concurred with Carl's vision of uplifting neighborhoods by rehabilitating blocks at a time verses scattered individual homes to make an impact to abandoned neighborhoods that would include revitalization and job creation.  To date, programs are just being released after years of discussions.

He remains the out-front leader in creating alternative methods to acquiring real estate and has established strong, loyal connections and contacts with all aspects of this industry including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FDIC, GMAC, Citibank, Bank of America, Chase, and other community groups for acquisition and disposition of assets. 

Carl believes that the programs that have been established at the Blue Island, Illinois facility and the future plans will organically grow across the nation and prove to be viable solutions that can truly make a difference in changing lives, families, and neighborhood at a time.