As Executive Director for R4P, Genny brings 22 years of hands-on high-end sales, strategic marketing campaigns through multi- media and digital production, public relations, sales management, and business ownership experience.  The majority of those years were occupied in the financial and real estate industry.  As Genny established her prominence as a top producer within her 2nd month in the industry with then newly formed New Century Mortgage(NCM). She aided in the formation of the Southwest Region of NCM. After 2 years in the industry, she recognized her extreme entrepreneurial aspirations and opened her own business that evolved into managing 40 agents within her online mortgage operation. A substantial amount of business resulted from a close association with NARCA, a trade association dedicated to serving law firms engaged in the practice of consumer debt collection law.  

Genny had to reinvent herself and shifted with the turbulent real estate market as the first waves of the financial epidemic came crashing in.  This led her to the path of the distressed-bulk-arena.   She assisted in structuring partnerships amongst private investment firms and institutional lenders through acquisitions and exit strategies. These strategies included real estate bulk re-sales through strategic disposition models, rental holds, loan modifications, auction house sales, and lease options.

She was asked to participate as a partner in a minority fund, Aura Capital Partners, LLC.  This fund focused on the acquisition and selling of bulk REO portfolios, non-performing notes, and builder close outs.  ACP was positioned to take advantage of the crisis in the U.S. as the subprime mortgage company’s continued on a downward spiral.  ACP closed and re-sold 321 nationwide homes to one of the nation’s largest auction houses. She then sourced and sold 1025 homes in over 40 states in bulk sales with Morcap Fund Advisors, LLC; an entity in Irvine, California engaged in the distressed asset arena.  She also coordinated a purchase of 800+ non-performing residential mortgage notes as an Acquisitions Director for Capital West Investments, an opportunistic Fund that was formed to take advantage of the Commercial and Residential distressed market as well as other investment opportunities.  

As the distressed asset real estate cycle dissipated, Genny had the opportunity to re-visit her first love in multi media marketing through digital asset project management and video production that she continues to practice today.  She now represents various industries and businesses privately and specializes in a niche in marketing the real estate and financial arena.  Her strongest attributes include her commitment to develop and maintain solid relationships with strategic alliances. 

Genny has taken in depth studies in the areas of sales, marketing, contract negotiations, commercial real estate, non-profit organization, and business development.  Most recently has been blessed to focus her energy on the gratification of serving the less fortunate and helping to change lives.  She has been involved with County & State Social Services and Faith-based ministries on the development of underprivileged youth programs and domestic violence transitional housing.  She attributes her success to a solid foundation of integrity, honesty, and strong ability to relate well to other people by practicing the golden rule of 'Treating Others Like You Would Like To Be Treated'.