R4P was formed to ‘Give-Back’ security and home ownership to our Heroic Patriots throughout the streets & neighborhoods of the United States while providing solutions to their economic revival & recovery to prove that they have not been forgotten.

R4P recognizes the severity of deficiency in affordable housing and lack of emotional support that starves the homeless population.  This problem is one that faces many of our own patriots on the very soil of the country that they have sacrificed their family and lives for. R4P was originally developed to help give back to those who have committed their lives to stand up for our freedom by offering a way to maneuver through the process of home ownership by providing safe and affordable housing.  Today, R4P acknowledges that every American deserves to be cared for and sheltered and is now also serving other social groups in the homeless community.  

With this, R4P's team and strategic alliances have identified effective multi-faceted solutions through programs designed to touch the lives of thousands to help them reinvent themselves, revive family, and resurrect community to ensure a better quality of life.   R4P strives to provide services that help to pave a path to those struggling to re-enter back into the day-to-day life of surviving in the American society with inspirational counseling & job creation through it's first of many' Patriot Villages'.  Such facilities will meet the demand for housing, social rehabilitation, job training and placement, redevelopment of broken down neighborhoods,  and other health and human services that have become a overwhelming task for our nation.  

Additionally, R4P sees that our country has spiraled downward and has forgot what our foundation was built on.  Patriotism has been replaced with an obsolete mindset of what true 'community' represents. A cold selfishness that has no regard for communication and love of neighbor now plagues many streets and neighborhoods of a lonely nation.  The age of information-overload has us lost in a fast paced timezone that only keeps getting faster, making it more and more difficult to remember the beauty of where the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance originated from. 

Disgusted and fed up with painful regret, R4P has identified a movement that is a by product of this social collapse.  Living SMALL to make BIG changes is a way to reverse damages of decades of self destruction and is springing up hope with it's momentum in all classes of American's.  R4P sees that changing the mindset and returning to God's original plan through serving each other in a communal living is a solution to many problems.  Mini green villages throughout the country afford this opportunity and is a formula to many issues that we are faced with:

  1. Green
  2. Sociologic
  3. Homelessness

Living Big in a Tiny World.  Bring Community Back.  Simple...